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Sir Ryan

Sir Ryan is a Mixing Engineer, DJ, and Producer. Guitarist by trade, Sir Ryan includes his up-tempo fusion of all genres in his original beats and mixing styles. Being born and raised on the island of Barbados makes it natural for him to use a combination of soca in all his creations. Music is his passion, outlet, serenity, and adventure.

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About Business In Music

Business in Music was founded by Sir Ryan in 2015 and it was created for you; the aspiring song writers, singers, beat makers and producers. It is built by a like minded freelance producer, mix engineer and DJ to inspire music creation and collaboration between the people writing the songs in their bedrooms and people composing the music in their basement. Business in Music will bring all artist from all over the world together to truly explore their full potential.

Sir Ryan will be showcasing his unique style though his beats, mixes and providing a social marketplace to collaborate, sell and distribute his music.

If you ask your self these questions.

“What gear do I really need to make a killer sounding recording?”

“How can I get my mixes to sound like what I hear in my head and on the radio?”

“Is it possible to get professional recording/mixes with my home studio gear?”

You are in the right place to learn, share, get your music finished and out there for people to hear.

Welcome to Business in Music!


“Great work from Sir Ryan. I wanted a beat for my new song and he did a fantastic job putting my ideas into reality. I will be back for more..”


Behind the scenes with Sir Ryan

Share in our creative moments. View some photos of Sir Ryan in action.